Weight Loss for Women Over 40 [Simple Guide]

Women over forty have slower metabolisms, less healthy skin and organ cell production. It also had the hormonal changes that affect their lives on a daily basis. If you are seeing the scale inch up year after year after you enter your forties, you are not alone.

Is there any good weight loss for women over 40?

Weight loss for women over 40 face a simple fact that their metabolisms are not what they once were. Even eating one hundred calories a day more than their bodies burn could add up to a ten-pound weight gain over a year’s time.

Combine this fact with the other fact that most women over forty are not as active as they were when they were in their early twenties could lead to more weight gain.

To conquer weight loss for women over 40 these two things, eating the right number of calories and exercise. This has to become a balancing act as a daily, weekly, monthly plan of action.

The refusing desserts and the cutting back on certain food groups, fad diets and forgoing the weight training are no longer options as they once were when they were in their twenties and thirties.

Why is it harder for women over 40 to lose weight?

Women from their late thirties to late sixties lose one pound of muscle mass and gain one pound of weight each year naturally.

The loss of muscle is what is causing the metabolism to diminish. Also, if you are not burning off the calories efficiently then it will only cause an increase in that one pound of weight per year.

over 40 women exercising

Exercise is Key

Exercising helps keep your muscles flexible and stop the shedding of healthy muscle mass. This is to drive your metabolism to burn off the unwanted calories.

The increased oxygen and cardiovascular system get a huge boost. Your brain functions keep improving with the increased oxygen levels.

Heart health is very important to women as they age and cardiovascular disease is a major cause of premature deaths in women over forty. Keeping active and living a healthy lifestyle will improve your overall health and wellness.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Forget about those fad diets you tried in college or after your first child when you were in your twenties.

Some physicians believe that eating smaller meals several times a day ward off fatigue. The way it works is by crushing the blood sugar surges and crashes when eating three full meals a day.

Others believe by consuming more lean proteins such as fish, lean beef, whole grains and poultry instead of sugary snacks like soda, sweets, and alcohol will help you shed some pounds.

These are to be consumed three times a day and come along with portion control which means weighing and measuring all ingredients.

Whatever works for you during this exercise and calorie intake balancing act is what you should do as you work your way through weight loss for women over 40.

It will not be an easy road, but be patient and diligent and you will soon see your hard work pay off.