The Live experience

Carrie is a storyteller who approaches her presentations with honesty, humor, and compassion. While researching her first book, Wild Mama, she interviewed dozens of people who have found ways, small and large, to follow their individual curiosities and passions. She enjoys sharing these inspiring tales, and helping participants rediscover and embrace their own personal "wild." 

Types of Presentations:

1. Customized talks and keynotes about how everyday people can overcome their obstacles and find ways to live meaningful lives. 

2. Free Your Wild workshops- Half- and full-day sessions that empower participants to discover and embrace their wild, and set intentions in order to integrate this into daily life.

What People Are Saying:

"Carrie Visintainer is resounding in her message. A  basic tenet of good psychiatry, Carrie reminds us to be positive and to yell in into the very center of our own souls, 'You can do it, you can have it, you can be it!'  It’s time we get back into our own cheering sections, because if we are not in our own cheering sections --why should anyone else be!"  -Heather Thomson, fashion designer, philanthropist, and TV celebrity

"I found Carrie to be very easy and engaging to listen to. I loved how she showed pictures of people active in their authentic self. She also led us in a written exercise that was very powerful." -Vicki Johnson, No Barriers USA Women's Summit participant

"I had the heart-opening pleasure of hearing Carrie speak on a night when I was contemplating my unyielding desire to to balance my passionate and fulfilling career with being a holistic, available, and nurturing mama and wife. Through her authentic, varied and descriptive stories of other's women's quests to "free their wild", I realized I was missing components of myself that bring vibrancy and energy- my own wild. We all know in theory that we must put on our own oxygen mask before helping others, but Carrie helped me to really internalize that without that "oxygen" we are not truly whole. I hear too many stories about the pace of modern life and in particular, women seeking this "wholeness". And this world desperately needs women in their grounded power. Carrie not only shares a powerful reminder to seek wholeness, but also has some stunning tools to help us reflect on where we want to tune in, build, and grow. This is powerful work." -Jordan Robbins, No Barriers Corporate & Individual Relations Officer, Mama, Wife, and Curious Global Adventurer